A just and sustainable city

On June 30, I filed my registration papers to run for Winnipeg City Council in the Daniel McIntyre ward in the October 24 municipal elections.

Sign up to volunteer or receive information about the campaign: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RDSXQ7W

I am running because I believe that we need a city government that puts working families first and considers the impact of policies of the most vulnerable members of our community. We also need to be guided by future generations so that everyone will continue to enjoy the benefits of healthy ecosystems that sustain life for all of us.

My platform includes good city jobs at a living wage, affordable public transit, better walking and biking infrastructure, environmental responsibility and access for all to our city and our services. I am pleased that the Winnipeg Labour Council endorsed my campaign this June.

This is a grassroots, socially progressive campaign that will work with social movements to build them up and raise their voices. I have been a strong advocate for social justice in Winnipeg over the past decade. Over the past several months, I have been meeting with community organizations and local residents to learn about their priorities. I know the people of Daniel McIntyre, like residents across Winnipeg, care about the values of community, justice and sustainability.

If elected, I will ensure that Daniel McIntyre is represented at City Hall. I will stand up for our community and be a vocal advocate for the people I represent. I believe that the residents of Daniel McIntyre know that we are better together, when we don’t leave people in poverty or without homes, and when we do our part to stand up for the things that don’t make sense like contracting out, unaffordable transit hikes and inaccessible city sidewalks.

I will be releasing more details of my platform throughout this summer, but you can find out more about my campaign at: joshbrandon.ca

To make this campaign successful, I need your help: follow and share information about my campaign on social media.
Twitter: @ecojosh
Facebook: joshbrandon2018
Instagram: josh4council

I need your help – there are 31,000 voters in our ward.  I want to knock on every door.  If you have a couple of hours to help out, that is how change happens!

Sign up to volunteer or receive information about the campaign: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RDSXQ7W

Please share this information with others. We can only make change if we work together.  Thank you so much for making this possible!