Josh Brandon registered to run for City Council in Daniel McIntyre

Photo of Josh Brandon registering to run for city council on June 30, 2018.

Yesterday, I filed my registration papers to run as a candidate for city council in the Daniel McIntyre ward in the October 24 election.

I have a background in research, policy development and advocacy on anti-poverty and environmental issues. I work at the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg with community organizations and groups to create social equity and environmental sustainability. I am the past chair of the coalition Make Poverty History Manitoba where I have been an advocate for anti-poverty initiatives in Manitoba.

I want to help build a greener, more just and equitable Winnipeg. Too much of the focus at City Hall has been on promoting suburban development without fair and adequate investment in the needs of our core neighbourhoods. Families in Daniel McIntyre want strong and safe communities with good-quality affordable housing, more recreational opportunities, better transit and protected bike routes so they can raise healthy children and preserve our environment.

I have been a leader in working for just and environmentally sustainable communities in Winnipeg for over 10 years.

  • Campaigned against the 25 cent bus fare increase and service reductions in 2017;
  • Worked with community allies to get the Rent Assist program implemented in 2015 through Make Poverty History Manitoba, making housing more affordable for thousands of low-income families;
  • Started a coalition to reduce pesticide use, resulting in a 2014 Manitoba law to protect the health of children, pets and the environment;
  • Led Manitoba Eco-Network water caucus fighting for better water quality in Manitoba lakes and rivers; resulting in the Save Lake Winnipeg Act in 2011; and
  • Influenced Winnipeg’s 2011 comprehensive waste management plan through work at Green Action Centre, which ended the use of municipal auto-bins in Daniel McIntyre.

Daniel McIntyre is a great place to live, work and visit. We have character homes, leafy streets, vibrant business districts with unique shops and restaurants and amazing cultural diversity. We need a City Hall that recognizes the importance of making just and equitable investments in this ward to make our neighbourhoods even better.